Reintroducing Music To An Older Adult’s Nighttime Routine With Soothing Sounds!

Whether you’re an older adult struggling with sleep or just looking for a relaxing way to wind down at the end of your day, music’s soothing sounds are well documented. In addition, music has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood, memory, cognitive function, and social interaction. And according to the National Institute on Aging, listening to music before bed can also help relieve pain caused by arthritis without drugs or other side effects. But if you want the best possible results from your audio playlist for the nighttime routine, consider introducing some new tunes into your routine.

Music That Has Been Proven To Aid Your Loved One’s Sleep
The music you chose will have a significant impact on whether or not it will assist your loved one in falling asleep. Songs with a beat-per-minute of over 60 are more likely to boost someone’s heart rate and stimulate brain activity, so be cautious.

Similarly, songs that recall memories painful or happy ones can make it difficult to sleep. So, while you might be tempted to play a song that is emotionally meaningful to your loved one, it’s probably not the ideal choice for assisting them in relaxing and sleeping. Instead, leave these kinds of tunes for the daytime to assist your loved one in remembering things or in getting them moving.

Fortunately, older individuals can choose from a wide range of sleep-inducing music and auditory assistance. But, most essential, encourage your loved ones to have fun experimenting with many possibilities until they find something that soothes them to sleep.

· Classical Music
Many individuals enjoy classical music soothing sounds and find it to be extremely relaxing. There are no words to distract or engage your loved one’s brain because it is entirely instrumental. Choose a piece with a leisurely tempo rather than Flight of the Bumblebee.

· Piano And Jazz
There are few things more relaxing than a smooth jazz melody or a soothing piano piece. Look for songs with no words or singers with a tempo between 50 and 60 beats per minute. Piano and jazz come in various styles, from old-timey to contemporary, and are ideal for older individuals who appreciate these genres.

· Nature Noises
Nature’s soundtrack can provide the ideal combination of relaxing and boring sounds for your loved one. Crickets, woodland sounds, rain, waterfalls, and other sounds are among the many options.